"If Psalm 1 is to be believed, we must not allow our children to stand, sit or walk with those who deny biblical truth and morality. Instead, we must place them in situations that will aid them in meditating on the law of the Lord 'day and night.' Surely this involves how and where they are to be educated." — Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

Friday, August 26, 2011

A little project

I got this little table and chair set at a yard sale for $5. One of the chairs has a crack in it. The owner said that an adult sat in it and it broke. He had repaired it and reinforced it underneath with a 2x4. It seemed pretty stable, at least for the kids to sit on.
So my plan is to cover the seat part of the chairs with some pretty scrap-booking paper, and then with clear contact paper. I may also add some to the back of the chairs because they seem a little worn.
I'll keep the table in the kitchen for snack time and projects where I would prefer a cleanable surface beneath. I'll also use for learning how to set a table and other Montessori type skills.
Now that I've made this post I have to get it done. My husband can tell you that I am notorious for starting and not finishing projects. :) But I now the public is waiting, so the pressure is on.

Update: See the finished project here.

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