"If Psalm 1 is to be believed, we must not allow our children to stand, sit or walk with those who deny biblical truth and morality. Instead, we must place them in situations that will aid them in meditating on the law of the Lord 'day and night.' Surely this involves how and where they are to be educated." — Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mommy, teach me to read

So my daughter Janelle is begging me to teach her to read. Mainly because she wants to be able to read the stories in her new picture Bible. I had taught her to read some words using Little Reader which is based on the Doman method, but I wasn't consistent. And now the program has lost some of it's novelty, and isn't very exciting to her. So I created a video using iMovie, which after the first viewing she was asking for more. (a very good sign).
What I did was took the words from one of the stories in her Bible (The Story of Moses) and made slides for only six of the words. Doman says to start with five but I thought she could handle learning six at a time. I tried to find a font that was closest to the one in the book and made them large. I added a picture of the book which I got from Google images, and added her picture at the end to make it personal. The music I got from iMovie which I thought was pretty relaxing and the applause adds some excitement.
I'll show this set of words for a few days, unless she shows that she is learning them faster. At which time I'll switch out one of the words and replace it with a different word from the story. I start with nouns and work through to articles, and I'll show the video three times a day. You could make something similar using Power Point or Windows Movie Maker. Or you could just write the words on index cards. Whatever works for your child and is something you know you can be consistent in doing. The key is to make it fun and enjoyable. You can find free Power Point presentations here.

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