"If Psalm 1 is to be believed, we must not allow our children to stand, sit or walk with those who deny biblical truth and morality. Instead, we must place them in situations that will aid them in meditating on the law of the Lord 'day and night.' Surely this involves how and where they are to be educated." — Voddie T. Baucham Jr.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

God's World "the 2nd day" level 1

So we spent a long time on the second day. We covered everything in our outline except learning the oceans. Janelle really enjoyed learning about the water cycle and how the clouds are formed. One of things that I love about this approach is that it relieves the pressure of trying to cover everything about a subject. If there was something that was missed, we'll get to the next time around.
Janelle did a craft project to show all the components of the water cycle which included the sun, water, clouds and rain. We did an experiment making "clouds" with a pot of boiling water on the stove. I boiled the water with the lid on and then opened the lid just a little to let the steam out. Janelle was very excited to see the clouds in the kitchen and still asks if I can make some more clouds.
I wrote a little song to be sung to the tune of Ten Little Indians.
    The water goes up that's evaporation
    The clouds come together that's condensation
    The water falls down that's precipitation
    And that's (we clapped on that's) the water cycle

I loved learning about the second day as much as Janelle did. It gave me an appreciation for all that God has put in place for our benefit. The heavens do declare the glory of God.

Here are some of the books that we read. I found them all at the library, but I may purchase some of the ones she really enjoyed as we will be covering this again.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on teaching the water cycle to children. I'd love some more ideas.


  1. Great ideas! We can make clouds on the stove too. How easy is that?

    I found your blog through Home Instead. I look forward seeing more of your homeschooling little ones. How old is Janelle?

    I would love to know if you've found a children's Bible that you like. Most of the ones I come across aren't very cultural accurate, i.e. all the main characters are white.

    1. Hi Katie,
      So glad to hear from you. I saw your blog and your children are beautiful. Janelle is three and will be four in November. James will be one in April. If you click on the tabs for their names or their pictures you can see exactly how old they are.
      There are a couple of Bibles that I like. The Rhyme Bible Storybook is great and Janelle loves it. The characters aren't exactly white but they're not black either. Kinda brown. The same goes for "My First Read and Learn Bible. I did find one," The Holy Bible: Illustrated especially for children of color NIV".

      Are you homeschoolers? If so, what kind of things do you do with your little ones?

    2. I do plan to homeschool our little girls. I homeschooled our boys for ten years. They were in 11th and 9th grade when they started public school. We don't do much for structured school time right now. We are on total survival mode, but you are inspiring me to think about it a bit more.
      My Amanda is four and half and I know she would like to do more school stuff. It's just so hard with the little ones. We do a lot of singing and reading. They are learning some sign language and occasionally we spend time on Starfall.


      P.S. I really like Voddie Baucham, too.