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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Laundry Time

I've discovered over the years that to make this homeschool thing work it takes more than "doing school". You really take on the responsibilities on a whole school. A public or private school teacher does not have to wake your children up, get them dressed or feed them breakfast. Neither do they have to cook and serve a nutritious lunch. Nor clean the bathrooms, sweep the floors or any other maintenance work. And they definitely don't have to make sure your children have clean clothes to wear every day. So to keep things running smoothly I implemented a laundry schedule. I've been using it for a few months now and have made a few changes along the way, but I think I've finally perfected it, (at least for now anyway, I'm sure baby #3 will require me to make some adjustments), and wanted to share what's been working for me.

First of all, this idea came form Flylady who says "A load a day keeps chaos away". I just made a plan based on this principle. It goes as follows:

(I have this typed out and posted above the washer)

*Monday~ Kids clothes  
I wash their clothes together since their clothes aren't that big and don't justify a load to themselves.

*Tuesday~ My clothes
I wash mine and my husbands clothes together since he only wears casual clothes on the weekends.

*Wednesday~ Whites, My husband's work shirts and diapers
I alternate Wednesdays with white and shirts since he has enough of both to last two weeks. Diapers I wash every week.

*Thursday~ Sheets and Towels

*Friday~ My clothes and the children's clothes.
I wash whatever we have worn during the week so that all clothes are clean going into the weekend. I wash them in separate loads to streamline folding and putting them away.

*Saturday~ Diapers and catch up
I wash another load of diapers and anything I didn't get to during the week. But if I follow my schedule I rarely do laundry on Saturday except for diapers.

Here's how I work the plan and usually only spend 10 to 15 minutes a day doing laundry. I wash the scheduled load the night before. This takes no more than five minutes. In the morning before I get the kids dressed, I switch the laundry to the dryer. If there is a second load to be washed, like on Thursday and Friday, I put it in the washer then. This takes about three minutes. After breakfast we do our Home Blessing (chores), at which time I fold and put away the laundry. This takes me 5 to 7 minutes (I've timed myself), depending on who's clothes I'm folding. I put the second load in the dryer when I take the first load out, when its done I fold and put it away, and that's it.  I'm done with my laundry most days before nine o'clock. I do get Janelle to help me in putting her laundry away, and James will carry his laundry to his room and put it on his bed.
This schedule really has been a blessing in keeping our school day from getting over run with household stuff. I still have a ways to go in other areas like meal planning and house cleaning. But I'm slowly implementing schedules for those areas as well. I don't always follow my plan and I get behind. But there is grace for me and I just jump in where I am and catch up. And I've learned that its so much easier to catch up when you have a plan in place.

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